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4 beautiful hand crafted ocean resin coasters. Every single one is different - totally unique with bright turquoise and blue seas and rolling waves.

Finished with a top coat of heat resistant resin to give it a smooth finish. 

*please note waves may vary but design will be the same. 

* *although I ensure that my photos are as close to life as possible and I do not use filters colours shades may vary due to the hue on different screens.

As with all epoxy resin pieces, they are all totally hand made and therefor may have slight imperfections in the finish. These are usually not visible to the eye and I will always try and photograph any that are obvious or will affect use

Set of 4 round coasters

  • 10cm x 10cm coasters. Minimum of 3 layers of resin with a levelling layer on the top. Please remember these are hand made so will never have a machine finish, saying that they have a lovely finish and are made to extrememly high spec.

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