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Hollie began following her passion for processes in the world of art and design by studying photography at Croydon college and then product design at the university of Westminster.


Hollie has a passion for travel and our natural universe, stemming from her childhood, spent travelling Europe and living in Gibraltar. This is reflected in a lot of the subject matter of her work, which utilises colours inspired by the natural beauty of our planet and beyond. Hollie’s process involves the use of resins, texture pastes and an array of shimmering colour pigments to build up layers, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the depths of her work and explore our fascinating colourful world through her art.. The overall effect produced constantly changes depending the viewpoint of the observer, making each of Hollies pieces unique.


Hollie now lives on the Isle of Wight with her family, working from Riboleau studios in Ryde.


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