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Title: Punalu

Size: 84cm x 60cm

Description: Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the Hawaiian coastline with "Punalu," a stunning resin art piece that brings the serene allure of black sand beaches and the mesmerizing power of turquoise waves right into your home. Measuring 84cm by 60cm, created upon a professional art board, this piece created by artist Hollie Jackson, perfectly captures the dynamic essence of Punaluʻu Beach, renowned for its unique volcanic sands and crystal-clear waters.

Each element of "Punalu" is meticulously handcrafted, creating a breathtaking scene where the deep black sands contrast beautifully with the vibrant, rolling waves. The layers of resin create a glossy, lifelike finish, giving the impression of the waves crashing and foaming right before your eyes. This piece is not just a visual experience but a tactile one, with the textured finish inviting you to run your fingers along the smooth, undulating surface.

Whether you are a lover of coastal landscapes, a collector of unique art, or simply seeking a piece that brings tranquility and natural beauty into your space, "Punalu" is a perfect choice. This artwork is a testament to the raw beauty of nature, encapsulated in a form that adds elegance and a touch of paradise to any room.


  • Handcrafted Excellence: Each piece is uniquely created with multiple layers of resin for depth and realism.
  • Vibrant Colors: Striking turquoise waves contrast with rich black sand for a captivating visual effect.
  • Textured Finish: Enjoy a tactile experience that mirrors the natural textures of a beach.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Made with high-quality materials to ensure your art piece remains vibrant and beautiful for years.

Bring the serene and powerful beauty of Punaluʻu Beach into your home with this exquisite resin art piece. "Punalu" is more than just art; it's an escape to a tropical haven.


  • Resin pieces can be polished just like glass to bring the shine and vibrancy back to life in an instance. 

    Use a soft cloth and a gentle glass cleaner to keep your piece as new.

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